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What is Big Data and Hadoop?

Big Data is known as to be extremely large datasets that are hard to deal with using operational databases. It is required for parallel processing on of data on hundreds of machines. Big Data has grown with a huge pace over the years and has set up a benchmark for the leading names n the industries so far.

Hadoop is a scalable, fault-tolerant, grid operating system used for storage of data and processing. Its main components are as follows:

* Commodity hardware 
* MapReduce 
* Hive, Pig 
* Open source, Apache license, etc. 

Why to go for Big Data Hadoop Certification Course?

Big Data Hadoop Certification Training would help you elevate your career to a next level. The world that we live in today is now completely following a big data trends. The one’s already in IT industry and looking to learn and succeed further, this would be a great step as Big Data is getting much bigger and buzzing & it is going to change the whole plan of Business Enterprises and provide a huge boost to the industries in the near future. 

Also for the ones who are about to start their professional career, Big Data Hadoop Online Training could be huge opportunity and a big step to learn a technology that is going to stay for a very long period of time.

What Learning outcomes to expect?

* Learn the basic concepts of Big Data and Hadoop.

* Master the concepts of Hadoop ecosystem and its various components.

* Understand the concept and uses of MapReduce.

* Learn various concepts of Sqoop and Flume.

* List out the best practices for storage of data.

* Understanding of HDFS

* Explain how to model structured data as tables with Impala and Hive.

* Understand how YARN engages in managing to compute resources into clusters.

* Completely understanding Apache Hadoop Framework.

Big Data and Hadoop Training Course Duration

* Classroom Training: 32 hours
* Assignments: 40 hours
* Project: 20 hours


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